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Meet the team

Here you can meet our Regional Druid, Regional Druid deputies and the web team.


Deputy Regional Druid for the UK: Doreen Taylor 

   Doreen Taylor
Deputy Regional Druid UK 







About ADF

ADF stands for Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (pronounced arn ree-ocht fane) and is Irish Gaelic for “Our Own Druidry”. We are an international fellowship devoted to creating a public tradition of Neopagan Druidry.  Drawing inspiration from the ancient traditions of the Indoeuropean people, we work to create an authentic expression of ancient tradition practicable and relevant for modern individuals and  society. We perform our rites honouring the three “Kindred”: Deities, Ancestors and Nature Spirits.

Since its founding by Isaac Bonewits in 1983, ADF has frown into a legally recognized religious organization with international local congregations (Groves) and many more members practicing as “solitaries”; unaffiliated with a grove. We are well structured with regular elections.

We developed highly respected training programs for the development of liturgists, bards, craftsmen, scholars, seers, magicians, initiates and priests.

The Groves of ADF are regularly involved in charity programs, environmental initiatives, prison ministries and other outreaches supporting the land and the people.

To learn more about our vision and how you can become involved you can explore this site, contact the ADF (Proto-) Grove nearest you, e-mail the European Regional Druid (or the Deputy Regional Druid of the Uk, if you are from the UK), or check out the official ADF homepage.

Ellie Lazzaro


Gracious greetings!

I would like to introduce myself:

I'm Ellie Lazzaro and I live in Germany. I've been a Pagan since more than 20 years. Coming from your typical Wiccan background I've been trained in the Western Mystery Tradition including long years of practical Qabbalah with the Servants of the Light (SOL), where I still serve as Supervisor. I later found my way into Druidcraft and through my infatuation with the old stone circle from Sonora Sunrise Grove, I learned about ADF and after a while joined.

I mainly joined ADF because I share the vision of hope that one day the Pagan religions will return to their rightful place of being an equal part within the religious varieties of different countries. There will be many steps on that way and many pairs of hands will have to work. I would like to lend a pair of hands and in this way serve ADF and the Pagan community.

I serve ADF not only as the Regional Druid for Europe, but as well the Coordinator of the Non-English Speakers' SIG and I am the Grove Organizer of Adrana Hain, PG. Additionally, I am a reviewer for the German DP. Besides German an English I am also fluent in French, speak and write Italian and can read and speak a bit Spanish. Currently I am studying on the first Circle of the ADF Clergy Training Program.

I also manage a German Pagan portal with discussion board ( that exists since 2002. I'm an OBOD Ovate, member of the PFI Deutschland e.V. and Baumgeister e.V.